Terrain Vague (Joint project with ENSAPC)

Collaboration avec Eric Maillet (ENSAPC), Lilyana Petrova (ETIS)

ENSAPC is Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Art de Paris-Cergy.

Starting 2024.

Terrain vague brings together students and teacher-researchers from the two institutions ENSAPC and ENSEA. The project is carried out within the ETIS laboratory and supported by ENSAPC. Its aim is to explore and support artistic and theoretical implementations around urban art and the concept of journey, in connection with digital and cartographic tools. The notion of project is central here, as it constitutes the foundation of the research activity. It helps combining practical achievements and theoretical contributions.

With the aim to imagine new models of public art but also of the use of digital technologies, Terrain vague pays particular attention to the questions of common and/or public
space, citizenship and responsibility, the future of cities in a sustainable perspective